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Dante Labs Black Friday 2018 Special

We are excited to announce the launch of our USD 199 Black Friday week promotion.

The promotion is set to bring an easy ability for anybody to put a premium on their health and wellness and that of their loved ones this holiday season. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) has not only emerged as a method to better understand individual health, but also a more complete way to understand chances for risk across disease, lifestyles and hereditary traits in addition to potential treatments and prevention.

While WGS may have cost Three Billion dollars the first time a full genome was sequenced in 2003, this year we are allowing customers worldwide an ability to unlock the secrets of their Genome.

Your genome is 100% of your DNA compared to most consumer testing services that simply offer single digit or less access. Owning the data of your genome is a life investment and Dante Labs is excited to provide a whole new doorway for access.

The offer will be valid, both in the US and EU, starting from Sunday, November 18th 2018. Customers can purchase Whole Genome Sequencing at USD 199 for 1 week, until November 26th 2018.