Recognizing a logistic mistake

We started Dante Labs to provide people with premium advanced genetics testing at non-premium prices. Quality and privacy are paramount to us.

Ten Dante Labs users experienced an issue - we wish to be open about it. We use a large third party logistic provider to ship the saliva collection kits to our users; then users ship the saliva collection kit back to Dante Labs office using a UPS or FedEx prepaid shipping label. For five orders, this partner printed the wrong return shipping labels and received the five kits back in its facility. Then, the partner managed these used kits as new units and fulfilled five new orders with them.


As a result, five people received “used kits”. 

As soon as we discovered the first mistake, we coordinated with the shipping provider to identify all the mistakes and found a total of four more (total of five). We sent new kits to all ten customers (5 + 5) and are collecting the “used kits” to destroy them.

A few key points:

    • all kits are anonymous and have no personal information, so no personal data was shared outside 
    • kits are assigned to users electronically, hence there was never a chance that a user was assigned the wrong sample 
    • the error rate is below 0.5% (still too high) 
    • these users received a refund
    • despite the error was made by the logistic provider, we take full responsibility for it (as I personally do as CEO of Dante Labs)