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Where are our genomes sequenced?

Your genomes are sequenced in one of our selected third-party partner labs in either Germany, Denmark, New Jersey (USA) or Hong Kong.  Before selecting the best partners to sequence your DNA we ran pilots and reviewed more than 15 genetic labs.  All of our partner labs are certified, and we have worked with them to implement special quality workflows, going beyond the normal regulatory measures. We have now setup our own laboratory in L’Aquila, Italy, [ in the university district, near the GSSI PhD school]. Looking forward, more and more samples will be analyzed internally.

What is the delivery time?

How will I receive my raw data?

What can I use to read my VCF?

What genes do you analyze?

I can’t find some SNPs in your VCF that are in my 23andMe file. Why?

How do you keep your prices so low?

How do you protect your patients’ privacy?

What is the customized report and how do I choose one?

What is the Secondary Report I receive together with the Customized Report?