Whole Genome Sequencing Test for your Health

Get a Personalized Prevention Plan based on 100% of your DNA. Start adopting a proactive approach to your Health

Sequence your Genome

Discover. Improve. Live a long and healthier life

Discover your risk of developing genetic conditions,
including hereditary cancers

Whole Genome Sequencing: The most complete and advanced DNA Test on the market

Over 100 predispositions to common diseases
caused by your genetic variants

Actionable insights to drive your Personalized Prevention

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Whole Genome Sequencing Test

Discover the most powerful tool to develop a Personalised Preventive Approach

Premium Whole Genome Sequencing (30X)
  • Genetic Health Risk

    Learn how your Whole Genome can influence your chances
    of developing over 100 common health conditions

  • Hereditary Cancer

    Analysis of genes associated with hereditary cancer risk for breast, ovarian, uterine, colon, melanoma, pancreatic, stomach, prostate cancers

  • Wellness & Lifestyle

    Receive advice on how to design a Personalised Diet as well as how to choose the best training based on your Whole Genome

  • Full Genomic Data

    Access to your full genomic data, learn more as science progresses. This s the best lifetime investment: Sequence once, get actionable tools for life!