NovaSeq 6000 Sequencing System: we use it to its full power, like no one else can

We have put in place a workflow that allows us to have performance never achieved before

Sequencing yield: Dante Labs certified as World Top Performer

The sequencing yield is the most reliable measure for genomic data. When it comes to Gigabases (Gb) per run, the worldwide average industry standard is 2400-3000 Gb. We have achieved unprecedented performance with an average of 3900-4010 Gb 


Top performer not only on quality, but also on efficiency. And we deliver the savings back to customers, offering highly competitive prices

Efficiency in genomics is measured by the Passing Filter ratio (%). We recorded  an average of PF equal to 83% on each run performed, proving ourselves as Top Performer


Such a high quality score had never been achieved by anyone before...

With regard to quality measurement in the field of genomics, the most important indicator is Q30. We have reached an average value of 90%. The average industry standard is 75%