Best in class genome sequencing

Dante Labs leverages next generation sequencing by Illumina and PacBio to deliver accurate genome sequencing for your DNA. Our proprietary Dante Platform extracts actionable and validated insights from your whole genome data
  • More Data

    More data is better. This is why we focus on the genome. We developed a technology platform to scale up data generation and analysis

  • Actionable DNA Insights

    We use proprietary tools to analyze that data and develop actionable, relevant, personalized insights that have an impact on people's lives

  • User Friendly Solutions

    We take the personalized insights and build end-to-end solutions to maximize the benefits for our users, anywhere they are in the world

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Genome Sequencing

We built Dante Labs and the Dante Platform specifically for whole genome sequencing data. This way, we can offer you more tailored insights, developed on the most comprehensive genomic test out there - the whole genome. We analyze more data, we uncover the intronice regions of the DNA, and more importantly, we apply our proprietary Dante Platform to deliver personalized insights and reports to you.

Personalized Medicine

Your journey towards real personalized medicine starts by sequencing your genome - and receiving your personalized insights