Whole Genome Sequencing: the best tool to help Rare Disease Patients find answers

Our test is intended to solve Complex Genetic conditions by leveraging the Whole Genome Sequencing Test and the power of Artificial Intelligence

Sequence your genome

Our approach

It has been estimated that over 80% of Rare Diseases are genetic in origin. This is why Whole Genome Sequencing offers a promising tool for rare-disease management. Comprehensive analysis of variations, including simple nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy-number variations (CNVs), and structural variations (SVs), are implemented using the WGS data. As a result, disease-causing variants are identified in most of the cases, increasing the diagnostic rate. 

We strive to end years-long diagnostic odysseys. These odysseys average 7 years in length and include multiple inconclusive tests, surgeries and procedures, many of which do not result in answers or treatment options for these children and their families.

Whole Genome Sequencing

The new approach in genomics for rare diseases and
undiagnosed genetic diseases

Get a Comprehensive Diagnosis

The most appropriate test for situations where the evaluation of
multiple genes may clarify or refine the diagnosis

Who benefits from the test?

The test is most suitable for individuals with:

- Complex phenotypes with multiple differential diagnoses

- Genetically heterogeneous disorders

Suspected genetic disorders where a specific genetic test is not available

Inconclusive previous genetic testing

Whole Genome Sequencing Test for Rare Disease Patients

A definitive diagnosis can be reached resulting in tailored disease management and treatment options

Premium Whole Genome Sequencing (30X)
  • Comprehensive analysis

    Comprehensive analysis of variations, including simple nucleotide variants (SNVs), copy-number variations (CNVs), and structural variations (SVs)

  • Disease-causing variants

    Whole Genome Sequencing is a powerful tool for the diagnosis of rare diseases, and its diagnostic clarity at molecular levels offers
    important benefits

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Our Genetic Counselors take advantage of innovative software that autonomously diagnoses rare diseases from NGS data using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

  • Our Test

    Mean coverage equals to 30X;
    95% bases with coverage greater than or equal to 10X;
    Specificity = 99.99%; 
    Sensitivity = 99.80%; 
    Precision = 99.70%


You save lives.

My whole genome shows some de novo mutations and probably we have found the problematic disease.

Mutations are sometimes buried in places on the genome that have not yet been identified as areas of interest. I am very grateful for Dante Labs assistance to our community.

I have undiagnosed health problems that I am still trying to understand, and Dante Labs helped where doctors could not. Thank you Dante Labs.

Dante Labs rocks!! The reports are great. I got mine last year and have now ordered the WGS for my daughter.