Our customers' reviews

Took a long while to get sequenced after submitting the sample, and the kit's serial number made it look like the kit was lost in the mail, but it was not, and things worked out. Great technology, in a still growing company.

I was investigating the family incidence of a genetic syndrome between me, my husband and my daughter. I am admittedly not part of the digital generation, but Dante Labs’ Customer Service was helpful and responsive to all my questions at every stage. We received reports in the timeframe stated on the website, and they do match our symptoms. Also, English is not my husband’s first language, so the multiple language option for the reports was very useful too.

I am very satisfied with the service from Dante Labs, the quality of results and the practicality of handling the shipment to the customer and back to the lab. The customer service is also very kind and quick to respond. I definitely recommend their service to anyone.

At first I was afraid after seeing so many negative reviews but I've decided to send samples anyway, after 2 weeks I got my results (faster than I've expected) The reports they've sent me probably helped me a lot...

Due to chronic health issues I had my full genome done by Dante a while ago. I was impressed so had my daughter's done too.
As more questions have cropped up Dante have been really helpful with providing more reports to aid with a diagnosis. I strongly recommend getting your Whole Genome Sequenced if you have any health questions as it so empowering to understand the source of the symptoms you have been experiencing.
The current price seems unbeatable too. It is an investment in your future wellbeing.

I am very thankful to Dante labs; they are the best when it comes to DNA testing. Their thorough genome test results were very informative with the help of which I learned about my body, and what it needs most to stay fit as every person has different needs. I would surely recommend them!

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