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    Using a dried blood sample, we can collect the 100% of your DNA and analyze the genetic sequence in our lab.

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    The sequence is divided into several parts, amplified, grouped in clusters and then sequenced.

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    This sequencing process reveals the order of nucleotides that make up the original DNA sample.

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    We then compare the genome with a generic and globally recognized reference DNA sequence.

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    We have collected useful sets of quick instructions to make this device accessible to you.


    Instructions: English

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Device instructions

How it works


1. Get a timer and mirror.
You’ll need them during collection.

2. Rub arm quickly and firmly just below the shoulder.
Rub until it’s very warm to help your blood flow.

3. Clean arm with alcohol pad.

4. Open device pouch by pulling apart white and clear layers.


5. Remove clear plastic cover over the red button.

6. Peel paper tab behind the red button.
Keep sample pod pointing down.

7. Stick device to shoulder.
Do not remove once it’s on.

8. Press button quickly and firmly until it can’t go any farther. Wait two seconds then let go.

9. Start a five minute timer.
Keep arm at your side and watch dots fill with a mirror. You won’t see blood right away.

10. After five minutes or earlier if blood appears at the bottom of the pod, peel off device.


11. Peel o the clear film to expose the sample pod vent.
Apply barcode label to back of pod if provided.

12. Place device in the foil return bag and seal.
Leave the moisture packs in the bag.

13. Write collection date and time on the inside flap of the box.

14. Place bag in box and seal with the strip.

15. Follow provided instructions to return your sample to the lab.


What is the regulatory status of the Tasso+?

The Tasso+ is registered with the FDA as a Class I product, and the Tasso+ Kits are registered with the FDA as Class II convenience kits.

What kind of samples does the Tasso+ collect?

The Tasso+ collects liquid samples of whole capillary blood.

How much blood does the Tasso+ collect?

Blood volume is dependent on the type of tube used but averages 200-600μL. Please refer to the tube specifications.

Can any lab analyze the blood samples collected by the Tasso+?

Tasso has preferred laboratories ready to analyze samples immediately, or can help a customer's preferred laboratory establish processes to analyze the samples.

What tubes are compatible with the Tasso+ device?

Refer to the Tasso+ flyer for the most up to date kit configurations available. Sample processing instructions will mirror tube manufacturer's labeling.