What you get

Our Whole Genome Sequencing will give you a set of information no other DNA test on the marketplace is able to provide


Reaction to medications

Discover your reactions to medications caused by genetic variants, including adverse drug reactions and required dosages (not available for US residents)


Can a DNA test help predict your longevity? Yes, it can and we help you through. 
Based on the cumulative effect of genetic variants that influence lifespan, we can show you an estimate of your average lifetime 

Personalised nutrition

We can tell you which vitamins and nutrients are best for you, what your metabolism says about you and we help you discover predispositions to common diseases

Actionable health insights

This report keys in on a very special list of 59 genes. Variants that are identified in this list are known to cause, or increase the risk for, certain medical conditions. These medical conditions are unique for their high penetrance and their actionability.