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Nutrigenetic Counseling

Nutrigenetic Counseling

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This product is only meant for customers who already 
purchased a Sequencing Test and the Wellness and Nutrigenomics Report


Our nutrigenomic consultant will help you to navigate your Wellness and Nutrigenomics Report
and understand which practical changes you should make in terms of diet and lifestyle.

Your results will be evaluated in light of your individual health history clarifying how specific genetic variants may affect your metabolism and how they can be ‘modulated’ to optimise health and prevent disease.

In order to receive truly personalised advice you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to your consultation.

You will then be contacted by Dante Labs to schedule an appointment with our nutrigenomic expert Cristina Ronchi (see her website here).

The consultation will be held in tele-medicine over video-link or, if not possible, over the telephone. 
Consultations can be held in English, German, and Italian.

A nutrigenomic consultation includes:

  • A 60 minutes video call;
  • Clear explanation of the relevant variants found on your report;
  • How these variants impact your health (the consultant will link the genetic variant with the personal health history you provided);
  • Which main nutrition and lifestyle interventions may provide benefits by modulating your genes in a positive way;
  • Some insight on how orthomolecular interventions with supplements may be suitable;
  • Counselling on further tests to help identify areas which require intervention (including metabolic testing available from state-of-the-art laboratories).
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  • Wellness Report

    The Wellness Report clarifies which habits are best suited to your genome, with actionable insights to live a better life.

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  • Scientific Fitness Report

    The Fitness report gives you actionable advice on training, sports, fitness and physical activity. This will help you develop the right workout for you based on your whole genome.

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  • Nutrigenomics Report

    Learn about the relationships between food groups and your genes. Using this report, you can create the most effective and personalized diet with a specialist.

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  • Health and Predispositions

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  • 1.

    Using a simple at home blood sample, we can collect the 100% of your DNA and analyze the genetic sequence in our lab.

  • 2.

    The sequence is divided into several parts, amplified, grouped in clusters and then sequenced.

  • 3.

    This sequencing process reveals the order of nucleotides that make up the original DNA sample.

  • 4.

    We then compare the genome with a generic and globally recognized reference DNA sequence.

Simple Blood Sample Collection

Painless, quick at home sample collection. User friendly device with CE-IVD mark and FDA approval.

Simply follow the packaging instructions and send the sample back using the pre-paid returns label.

Genomic Consultation Service

Additional reports

Check out the full range of our additional reports, available upon completion of the Genome Test.

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