Premium Whole Genome Sequencing (30X)

Whole Genome Sequencing Test (30X)

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  • Most Genetic testing companies analyze less than 0.02% of your DNA, providing very partial information about your genetic makeup. Instead, Dante Labs sequence 100% of your DNA
  • Get the most advanced and comprehensive Reports on your Health, Nutrition and Fitness
  • Make an investment for life: Sequence once and get continuous updates as science progresses
  • Our additional reports cover a vast array of specific health conditions. Dive even deeper into your DNA at any time
  • 30X Coverage on 100% of your DNA


What you get


Learn about more than 70 predispositions to wellness and lifestyle conditions caused by your genetic variants, get actionable advice and insights to live a healthier life.


Design a Personalized Diet based on your Whole Genome with useful insights on more than 20 vitamins, nutrients and foods are the best for you.

Scientific Fitness

Choose the best training for you based on your whole genome. Discover how more than 114 genetic variants impact your fitness, sport activities and performance.

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