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Dante Labs - 30X Whole Genome Sequencing

Dante Whole Genome Sequencing Test

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Personalized Medicine at your Fingertips, when you need it.

  • Dante Whole Genome Sequencing Test: the single test that includes and replaces all genetic tests
  • Clinically validated actionable insights about your well-being, fitness, and nutrition. 
  • Clinical-grade Whole Genome Sequencing: 30X coverage.
  • Includes Full Genomic Data (FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files). 
  • Sequence once, get actionable tools for life. 

The Whole Genome Sequencing Test is an asset for life, an investment in your future and the future of the people you love. Actionable insights at your fingertips, when and if you need them.

Instead of buying separate genetic tests for different applications, the Dante MyGenome analyzes your entire DNA and lets you query it anytime, from your fingertips, so that you have the answer ready in minutes when you need it.

      Full Free Shipment

      Safe and fast delivery, just purchase the kit and activate it using the Kit ID before testing.

      Fast Activation

      Activate your test & provide your sample in just few minutes.

      Activate now ➝

      Performing Scenarious

      Receive within weeks digital results of your WGS test displayed in specific reports to help you better explore rare diseases.

      Painless Sample Collection

      Fast, simple and painless collection kit included in the box.

      Download Raw Data

      At the end of the sequencing process you will be able to download Raw Data directly on the Genome Platform.

      • Wellness Report

        The Wellness Report clarifies which healthy habits are best suited to a certain genetic makeup, so as to increase the chances of living the healthier and longer life without unnecessary sacrifices.

      • Fitness Report for your health

        The Fitness report underlines the genetic predispositions to various aspects related to physics and sports activity, to obtain the best performance in the shortest possible time.

      • Nutrigenomics Report

        The Nutrigenomics report shows all the relationships between specific foods and genes, in order to support the creation of the most effective diet while respecting individual predispositions.