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Where are your labs located?

We built our own laboratory in L’Aquila, Italy, in the university district near the GSSI PhD school. This 1,000 square meter sequencing center, fully dedicated to Whole Genome Sequencing in order to analyse more and more samples internally everyday.

How can you keep your prices so low?

Our mission is to make genetics accessible to everyone. Price has been a barrier for people to access their genetic data for too long. We used an Amazon approach and identified inefficiencies in the typical genetic laboratory workflows. Most of the costs were not in the DNA sequencing process, but in the bioinformatics after the sequencing and in the management of the samples before the sequencing, including DNA extraction. We eliminated inefficiencies and leverage economies of scale and finally pass the cost savings to the customers.

Where can I learn more about genetics?

The NIH Genetics Home Reference is a great resource to fundamental topics related to human genetics:


What is your telephone number?

We do not have a telephone contact. Please email contact@dantelabs.com for any questions that cannot be answered here.

Collection Kit

How can I find my kit ID number?

The kit ID number is written on both the tube and on the side of the box. Make sure you register your kit before sending it.

What are the instructions for testing?

Please be informed that all of the instructions are on the box you will receive from us.

Are there any minimum ages for your testing?

There are no age restrictions to provide a saliva sample.

How can I collect saliva from a young child or a person who has trouble producing saliva?

Please send an email to contact@dantelabs.com as soon as you place your order and ask for a cheek swab kit.

Can I also submit a blood or tissue sample?

We currently only sequence saliva samples. At this time, we are not able to sequence from blood or other types of tissue samples.

My sample was unqualified. What happens now?

You will receive a new sample kit at no additional charge to collect a fresh sample.

I ordered my kit a long time ago and did not send it in. Can I still send in my kit?

Yes, of course. Please contact us for a new return shipping label. If your kit is expired, we will send you a new kit as soon as you pay €35 for shipping and a new kit.

How long is my sample valid for?

Your sample will be valid for around one year at room temperature.

My kit I just received is expired or broken. What do I do now?

Please send an email to contact@dantelabs.com and provide a photo showing the expiry date / damaged kit and we will provide you a replacement kit at no additional charge.

Genome Manager

How do I create an account on Genome Manager?

Signing up is easy and it will allow you to check the status of your order anytime. To sign up, you need to create your personal profile and register your kit. Please go here: https://genome.dantelabs.com/sign-up

I forgot the password to my Genome Manager account. What do I do?

Please try resetting your password here: https://genome.dantelabs.com/forgot-password
Make sure that you check your spam/junk email folder.

My kit arrived to Utah, why did my kit status not update?

All US orders are first sent to our warehouse in Utah where they are prepared for the international shipment to our laboratory in Italy.
Once your kit arrives in Italy, its status will be updated to 'We have received your kit'.

Data and Results

What genes do you analyze?

The Whole GenomeZ, Whole GenomeH and the Whole Exome analyze all the genes in your DNA. Moreover, the Whole GenomZ and Whole GenomeH analyze also the space in your DNA between the genes.

What am I going to receive with the WGL long reads test?

You will receive one FASTQ file. We cannot create panel reports or customised reports for WGL kits.

What am I going to receive with the WGS or WGZ short reads test?

You will receive FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files along with reports.

What is the turn-around-time?

To guarantee the highest quality of testing possible the sample may take anywhere from two to eight weeks once it arrives in the laboratory.

How will I receive the raw data?

When your results are ready, your Dante Labs account will have a link to download the VCF file(s) directly on your computer or mobile device (about 150-200 MB of space).

What does 30X coverage means?

We sequence each sample at least 30 times, which is where the 30X coverage comes from.

I am a resident of the United States. Why can't I receive a Pharmacogenomics report?

We are compliant with regulations set out from the FDA, and are therefore unable to provide US residents with Pharmacogenomics reports.

I can’t find some SNPs in your VCF that are in my 23andMe file. Why?

This means that you don’t have variants in those SNPs (compared to the reference genome). The 23andMe raw data file includes the values (AA, CT, etc.) for about 650,000 SNPs, independently whether you have a variant or not. On the contrary, the VCF file, based on your entire DNA, includes only SNPs with variants from the reference genome. If the VCF included all the SNPs in your DNA, it would be several GB in size.

I want to use my DNA information to do ancestry research. How can I?

We currently do not have an ancestry report, but are looking into providing this in the future. In the meantime, try uploading your raw data to MyTrueAncestry


Who makes the reports?

All the reports, also the customised ones on specific diseases and conditions of interest, are generated by the Dante Labs bioinformatics team.

How long does it take for the AI report to be genereted?

Since all of the AI reports are made by hand, they usually take 2 weeks to be created.

I ordered 'All Panels'. When will it be ready?

They are manually generated by our biological department and it could take anywhere from one to ten business days to become available on your account.

What is the customised report and how do I choose one?

The customised report is an additional option that we provide (free of charge to patients who have a strong, justified interest for a specific condition or disease (ex. Epilepsy, Ehler Danlos, Periodic Paralysis, etc.).

This report has proven very useful especially for patients with Rare Diseases.

If you choose “Periodic Paralysis”, then we will generate a Periodic Paralysis virtual panel, containing all variants associated with periodic paralysis. On top of that, we will generate a report with the variants of other diseases with similar symptoms.


Where are the data stored?

Your data is stored in our secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud in the United States and Europe.

How do you protect your patients’ privacy?

We treat data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) L 127, 23.5.2018 .

Dante Labs is built on trust. We respect your privacy and protect it with strong encryption and strict policies that govern how all data is handled. We are compliant with the GDPR and the UK Cyber Essentials, required by the NHS. We have a sophisticated cloud structure to protect your data. Also, after you send us your saliva sample, your data, samples, results and reports are identified uniquely by the barcode on the saliva collection tube. Your reports and results include no personal identification information (ex. no name).

Are you compliant with the GDPR?

Yes, we are fully compliant with the GDPR.


What is your refund policy?

Please go here: https://www.dantelabs.com/pages/refund-policy-us


What is my return tracking number?

On your return label there is the 'Waybill number'. This is your return tracking code for DHL.

What is your DHL account number?

Our DHL account number is 961596884.

I don't have a return shipping label, how can I get it?

The return shipping label should be inside the parcel you received from us. It is a piece of printed paper. In case you don't find it, please contact us.

How long does it take for a parcel to arrive in Italy from the United States?

All orders placed from the US website, or that are delivered to US residents, go first to our warehouse in Utah and from there they will be shipped to our laboratory in Italy. It usually takes about two weeks.

What if I changed my address but my account was registered with the old one?

In this case, please notify lavinia@dantelabs.com or giorgia@dantelabs.com or gabriele@dantelabs.com.
Also, use the object "URGENT ADDRESS CHANGE".

I live in Serbia. What do I need to do to receive my kit?

Unfortunately right now we cannot ship to or from Serbia. To receive a kit, please have it shipped to a non-Serbian address.

I live in Brasil. What do I need to do to receive my kit?

All Brasilian customers need to provide their CPF Number. Please email contact@dantelabs.com with your CPF Number and order number.

I live in Russia. What do I need to do to receive my kit?

All Russian customers need provide as a shipping address either a business address and tax code, or a non-Russian address.

I live in India. What do I need to do to receive my kit?

All Indian customers need to provide us their Tax Code number such as PAN, AADHAR, or GSTIN.

I live in Canada but my box has a return label only for USPS, how do I return the kit?

Please send an email to contact@dantelabs.com and we will prepare for you a new shipping label.