Our Whole Genome Sequencing Test

We use the most advanced DNA testing technologies to scan your full genome so that we can provide you with the whole story - not just a couple of sentences.
  • Wellness Report

    The Wellness Report is a tailored guide to improve your life and wellness, starting with one habit at the time - based on the most advanced genomic science.

  • Scientific Fitness Report

    Developed by sports and genomic experts, the Dante Scientific Fitness Report is a guide for personalized training and sport choices.

  • Nutrigenomics Report

    The Dante Nutrigenomics report advises you on what nutrients, vitamins and foods to avoid or seek, based on your genome. Truly personalized diet.

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Our Platform for Whole Genome Sequencing

The Dante Technology Platform generates actionable insights from your whole genome sequencing 30X, leveraging the most updated validated scientific discoveries

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    You will receive a saliva collection kit with a pre-paid shipping label to return your sample

  • Collect your Sample

    Follow the instructions, register your kit and shipit back to our lab (free shipping)

  • Receive results

    Access your reports and genomic insights on our secure portal

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Whole Genome and response to medications: new study

How an enhanced whole genome sequencing test helped identify genetic markers predicting piromelatine treatment response in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease.

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