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Why Dante Labs

We offer the most comprehensive DNA Test - the Whole Genome Sequencing. Receive your full raw data to learn more about your health and wellness
Raw Data Snapshot

Get a full Genomic Snapshot based on 100% of your DNA

Next Generation Sequencing

Leverage Next Generation Sequencing to receive data on your entire DNA instead of small portions

Full Raw Data

FASTQ, BAM, VCF files available for download free of charge (VCF files include SNPs, INDELs, CNV and SV)

Whole Genome Sequencing

We analyze the Whole Genome, your entire DNA - instead of offering you limited DNA tests that you find in most labs and hospitals.

Our New DNA Sequencing Lab

Your DNA is analyzed in our certified European Sequencing Lab, benefiting from unparalleled accuracy and security and the industry's best turnaround time

Full Raw Data

An investment for life: Sequence your genome once, keep your data forever! 

How it Works

Collect your sample from home with our non-invasive saliva collection kit
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Purchase your test. You will receive your kit in 2-3 days.

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Collect your saliva sample at home in your own time and send it to us using our prepaid return label

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Thank you again for all you did. My MT genome shows some de novo mutations and we probably have find the problematic and disease. I will order the same test for my sister, in order to help her, even if they will probably sequence again those parts here in France. I hope you'll keep your good work with nice prices. You save lives.

I am really thrilled that you found variations. We are involved with local studies, but in more than a decade they have not found our mutation, and any variations of unknown significance have already been ruled out. I understand that our causative mutations are sometimes buried in places on the genome that have not yet been identified as areas of interest. I am very grateful for your assistance to our community. 

I am very happy with my genomic results from Dante Labs. It was the only service I could find that would give me access to the raw data. I have undiagnosed health problems that I am still trying to understand, and I am trying to help my self where doctors can not. Thank you Dante Labs

After years of trying to find out what was wrong with my kids and I, thanks to Dante Labs we now have an answer. Our symptoms match the results. Dante Labs succeeded where several hospitals had failed to give us an answer. Thank you!

Dante Labs rocks!! I sent a message to them last night about the VCFs. Apparently they got it this time. 7 VCF files are now appearing in my accounts. They say that the FASTQ and BAM files will be in the next few days. I couldn't be happier. The reports are great. I got mine last year and have now ordered the WGS for my daughter.