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Dante Labs announces ventures into biosimulation and drug discovery, demonstrating the predictive value of the Dante Platform

Dante Labs announces ventures into biosimulation and drug discovery, demonstrating the predictive value of the Dante Platform

NEW YORK, April. 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dante Labs, a global leader in genomic information and precision medicine, announces new genomic driven biosimulation and significant progress made to its drug discovery program, demonstrating the value of the Dante Platform. 

“Often the first concern from patients after they receive a diagnosis through whole genome sequencing is what therapies are available to treat their condition. In an effort to address this issue, Dante Labs decided to create and invest in a drug discovery R&D program,” said Andrea Riposati, CEO of Dante Labs. “We are uniquely positioned to deliver more complete medical solutions from whole genome sequencing and diagnosis through drug discovery and the development of therapies for patients.” 

Dante’s integrated approach to data, software and AI has enabled the Company to develop a biosimulation platform based on Dante’s database of genomic and medical data. The platform predicts changes in viruses and is being used by Dante to simulate future variants of the SARS-CoV2 virus responsible for COVID-19. Dante has an existing patent portfolio surrounding its mRNA and iRNA technology and continues to invest and develop additional patents.

Dante’s venture into biosimulation, which is anchored in whole genome sequencing data,  supports the development of therapies and drugs, delivering a more personalized, holistic approach to medicine. This computational approach to the design of new drug programs is foundational to the Company’s efforts to deliver end-to-end solutions to people for which there are currently limited or no therapies to treat their conditions. 

Since its foundation, Dante has financed a broad R&D program with the aim to create the first end-to-end solution from diagnosis to therapy with a strong focus on rare diseases and with the ambition to export the model to other disease areas like cancer in the near future. In the past two quarters alone, Dante Labs has advanced its drug programs in muscle rare disease, neurological rare disease and immunology into the pre-clinical phase. Additionally, Dante has launched four new drug programs in co-development with external partners in COVID, oncology and degenerative disease. 

About Dante Labs

Dante Labs is a global genomic information company building and commercializing a new class of transformative health and longevity applications based on whole genome sequencing and AI. The Company uses its platform to deliver better patient outcomes from diagnostics to therapeutics with assets including one of the largest private genome databases with research consent, proprietary software designed to unleash the power of genomic data at scale and proprietary processes which enable an industrial approach to genomic sequencing.


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VP of Investor Relations

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