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My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing with mtDNA

$299.00 $899.00 You save $600.00
My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing with mtDNA

My Full DNA: Whole Genome Sequencing with mtDNA

$299.00 $899.00 You save $600.00

Dante Labs Rare Disease Month: Dante Labs celebrates the Rare Disease Day offering "My Full DNA (Whole Genome Sequencing Test)" at a special price. To get more information about the "Rare Disease Month", take a look at our FAQ

Whole GenomeM is a Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Whole Genome Sequencing expanded with Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis. It is an analysis of your entire DNA. Owning the data of your entire DNA is an asset for life. International patent pending.

  • Average 30X coverage, Next Generation Sequencing, Expanded with analysis of your Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), 99,7% SNP precision and sensitivity
  • Non-invasive, FDA approved saliva collection method
  • VCF, BAM and FASTQ files available for download
  • 10 - 12 weeks to receive accurate test results via email

If you seek to get a Customized Report on a disease or gene panel, after receiving your saliva collection kit, fill out the formTo get more information about how Dante Labs can help you get your diagnosis, click here

What you get

Receive actionable insights based on solid genetic and clinical evidence for your and your doctor. After checkout, email us your notes about the specific diseases or genes you are interested in. We will provide you with a customized report, free of charge

  • Pathogenic Variants

    Discover all pathogenic variants in your DNA, analyzed with Next Generation Sequencing

  • Customized Gene Panel

    Customized Gene Panel on diseases or conditions of your choice (ex. Epilepsy, Ehler Danlos, Mitochondrial Diseases)

  • Raw Data

    Raw data in VCF format, delivered via secure cloud. BAM and FASTQ files also available on hard disk upon request

  • Expanded Gene Panel

    Expanded gene panel that includes all associated genes or candidate genes to the chosen conditions and their superfamilies

  • specification

    RAW Data

    VCF file included. FASTQ and BAM files available upon request

  • specification

    Genome Explorer

    Explore 20,000 genes and non-coding regions in your DNA. Receive updated results as science evolves and new discoveries are made.

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    Own Your Data

    Receive your data on a flash drive, discuss it with your geneticist, own your data forever.