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Methylation Mechanisms Panel

Methylation Mechanisms Panel

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The Methylation Mechanisms Panel is based on the Whole Genome Sequencing Test. As such, it analyses all Common and Rare Variants associated with Methylation Mechanisms instead of a limited set of genes.

Eukaryotic nuclear DNA is a well-organized entity packaged into nucleosomes, the single unit for chromatin, condensed further into individual chromosomes. A chromosome is packaged efficiently for systematic DNA replication, ensuring DNA's intact propagation into the next generation of cells as well as organizing different genes and regions of the genome for specific cellular functions. Replication occurs at many origins of replication throughout the chromsome, approximately 100,000 base pairs apart in the DNA. Different signals along the DNA's packaging can alert differing cell machinery to either suppress or increase expression of certain sections of the DNA or specific genes.

Along with environmental factors, Genetics plays a key role in the regulation of Methylation Mechanisms.

  • 39 genes analyzed
  • 100% genomic regions covered
  • Intragenic and intergenic regions analyzed
  • All variants Paneled

List of genes:


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