MyGenome Sequencing Test (OLD)


Whole Genome Sequencing 30X

Personalized Medicine at your Fingertips, when you need it

  • MyGenome: the single test that includes and replaces all genetic tests
  • Clinically validated actionable insights
  • Get new genomic reports on specific questiosn and medical areas at any time
  • Whole Genome Sequencing 30X coverage
  • Includes FASTQ, BAM, and VCF files

The MyGenome test is an asset for life, an investment in your future and the future of the people you love. Actionable insights at your fingertips, when and if you need them. 

Instead of buying separate genetic tests for different conditions and questions, the Dante MyGenome analyzes your entire DNA and lets you query it anytime, from your fingertips, so that you have the answer ready in minutes when you need it. 

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